Anyone using

My app is ready but i need to test also on ios to fix the platform bugs. Ionic view is not an option and i dont have apple developer license.

I am wondering if i rent a mac hosting and run my project with ionic cordova run IOS, i will see the app on my device without any problem right? I guess i dont need license for just running.

I’m using Macincloud. I highly recommend it.
It has everything you need to publish an iOS version app.
Xcode, node are pre-installed on all macincloud cloud macs.
Macincloud is much faster than VMware mac… and its internet speed is pretty fast too.

You have to pay $99 a year developer license fee to Apple app store to get a distribute certificate.

i dont want to push it to the apple store yet. But i added ios platform to my project, used ionic cordova run ios and it is not deploying to my device (it is connected via usb, i can see it) (the build was successful). So i guess i still need developer license for just running.

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A cloud Mac won’t help directly with getting the app on your local device - remote Xcode won’t be able to access your device. But you can build on the cloud Mac, and then distribute the app via HockeyApp or a similar beta distribution service.

If you have a local Mac and problems with getting the built app on your device, lets us know the details and we will look into it.

i have built the app on the remote computer. Now i have a in my platform/ios/build/emulator folder. I uploaded that zip to hockeyapp but it is not even recognising the app. I am so lost without mac computer and stucked for a week and cant continue with my app :frowning:

How did you build the app?
With ionic cordova emulate ios the emulator should start by itself and run your app directly.

Hi James,

I have tested my app using phonegap and an iPhone. It is now time to publish the app and since I do not have a mac, I plan to use Macincloud. Based on your experience, do I need a dedicated server or would a managed server be enough?

You mentioned that node is pre-installed so I assume I need to install ionic and cordova on it?

Thanks for your guidance in advance,