Lowest Android version without problem as of July 2017


OK. Now is July 2017. I have read a few topics in early and mid-2016 regarding Ionic problems with Android 4.1 and 4.2. On and off, workarounds like Crosswalk and polyfills have been suggested as potential solutions.

May I know the lowest Android version we can go with Ionic 2 or Ionic 3 without problem? I just want the app to run as it is on the available Android Web View and iOS UIWebKit on the phone. I have decided to avoid Crosswalk and other ES6 and ES 2015 polyfills and shims. From my personal experience, polyfills do not work 100% all the time, and while it may solve or hide some obvious problems, quirky problems may still arise later on.

My intention is to evaluate how much of a potential user base still on 4.1-4.3 Jelly Bean or 4.4.x Kit Kat I can afford to forgo.

My definition of problem is not just obvious crashes (scripts failing to run, components not responding to touch), visual artifacts (missing visual artifacts or effects like lines and shadows), but also includes performance (slow or jerky scrolling also counts as a problem).

Would be great if anyone can share with me what works and what doesn’t after using Ionic 2 or 3 for a while now.


I still use Ionic 1. I tested on several versions. 4.4 and above works great. But not in Jelly Bean. There were many UI (CSS) issues in Jelly Bean devices. I like to know about ionic 2 and 3 as well.


is there any information about ionic2 in jellybean


To be completly honest, I think the user base of <4.4 will be completly ignorable by the time you complete your app if you started making it at this moment.

With that said, in my experience 4.4 is really unstable, alot of view errors, some plugins not working at all and random app crashes.