What is the lowest version of support for Android?

Hello everyone, I am from China, English is not very good。

What is the lowest version of support for Android?

my phone’s android version is 4.3,ionic2 demo can run, but the screen displays the white screen。
another phone‘s android version is 4.4,no problem!

Does anyone know why?
my config.xml setting

 <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="16" android:targetSdkVersion="22" />

Is there a relationship with this setting?

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I think 4.2 supported by Ionic. See its mostly depend upon Cordova Version not in Ionic.


"As a general rule, Android versions become unsupported by Cordova as they dip below 5% on Google’s distribution dashboard. "

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thank you~~
my cordova version is 5.41,maybe it’s too new.
I tried to modify the low version

Hi @leson

I have the same problem and I have not manage to solve it.
I’m using Ionic 2 (2.0.0-alpha.40) with Cordova v5.3.1 and Node.js v0.12.

Also I have installed Android SDK Platform API 18 (v4.3.1) but with no success.

Did you find a solution for this issue?

When this kind of problems arise, could be a good idea to install Crosswalk to get better compatibility.

Yes, I figured it out meanwhile.

Crosswalk solves the problem but you also have to install “Google repository” package (under Extras section) from SDK manager.

@luchillo17 thanks for the response

Is the Google repository a dependency of Crosswalk? Idk a lot of Crosswalk, i know it helps with compatibility issues, some people say it also gives better performance.

I’m not sure if it’s dependency of Crosswalk but it’s required for Crosswalk to work. I was getting an error in console while building the project, and I figured out that I’m missing that part.

I have also installed Android Support Repository and Android Support Library packages (from Extras section) but I think they are not so important for this purpose.

Crosswork gives much better performance on older devices which provide native browser web view engine as default engine for your app. With Crosswalk you can specify Chrome browser version, to run your app, which is much faster in handling css/javascript execution.

So what’s the drawback, if it’s so good why isn’t already a default for ionic?

That’s my question as well hehe. I think developers shouldn’t be spending so much time on things which should be standardized.

Now I have another issue with ionic serve command and webpack described here: Ionic serve doesn't trigger webpack

Maybe it’s related with ionic CLI or something but I got stuck on it after installing Crosswalk.

Because my app needs to be on the line,considering the stability and uncertainty of ionic2.0, I choose ionic1.24 @nmdia

I tried crosswalk on mine with alpha.49 and it broke the ionic run android command, it compiles but doesn’t find the devise to install.