App not working properly in jelly bean and kitkat

after giving command of ionic build android an apk is generated the generated apk when installed on android >kitkat version runs smooth and good as expected, but when the same application is installed on jellybean te alignment of the header gets distorted and also app lags a lot and also don’t show any material design.
in kitkat version it runs good but only the material design (like bubble on click) is missing
please help me to solve this issue.

If you need to support Android version older than 4.4 then you can use Crosswalk:

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thanks sir…!!
But it will increase the size of the app too much even a simple content will become of 7-8 mbs …!!

Yes, but for all performance improvements and standards compliance that Crosswalk provides, IMHO it’s still a reasonable compromise. Many apps are taking this approach and the users are more or less used to it already (moreover Android 4.0 - 4.3 accounts for only a bit over 20% of the usage and will probably drop significantly in about an year). If you have app size constraints then you can take a look at Crosswalk Lite - it’s half the size but might be more difficult to install/configure.

Hi, i’m trying to test on kitkat device. i don’t have to use crosswalk right?
I already include

<preference name="android-minSdkVersion" value="19" />

in config.xml and
install the packages in Android manager but have not managed to install one yet. The app keeps ‘stopped working’.

I have tried on android version 7.1.1 and 7.1.2, no issues encountered.