[Solved] Displaying problems with Ionic app



I’ve been working an an app using Ionic, which has been working mostly fine on Kitkat, but I’ve been having a few different problems with API levels 16, 17 and 18 (Jelly Bean), which the app will have to run on as well.

Jelly Bean problems:
Some inputs are displayed as empty, though I can move the cursor (blue arrow) around in the textboxes, where the text should be. (Invisible text?)

In another view, the cursor (blinking vertical line) stops blinking and doesn’t go to the next textbox when changing the focus. (Going from type text to password).

Text in the ion-footer-bar which has been placed to the right in the Kitkat version, using “margin-left: auto;” is back on the left.

Minor issue/confusion on both Kitkat and Jelly Bean:
I’m having some trouble styling the options from the select, which seem to be shown in a native android view, as they do change when the whole theme is changed. Which view is used here? So far, I’ve tried styling it as if it were a Spinner (and in css before that), but nothing changed.

Can anyone please help me with these problems? (Especially the Jelly Bean ones. The app has to run on a Jelly Bean based Tomtom gps for some users.)


I’ve finally managed to solve Jelly Bean the problems by installing the CrossWalk webview as a Cordova plugin.

Aside from that, I needed to upgrade the Cordova CLI and Cordova itself to get it to actually work. Plus I needed the Whitelist plugin to get $http.post to work again.