Loading Files Via CDN But How Do I Build To Android


I am using ionic but loading the relevant files via CDN in my index.html, I have just two files index.html and a config.xml. How do I compile these files either in an android or ios package?

Integrate with cordova or capacitor

Your users will require a live connection for the app to function corrwctly with a cdn

Hi, I’ve checked that out capacitor will do what I want but to compile for ios I need a mac and I don’t have one lying around. So as far as I see the solution for me is to use ionic with one of its companions - angular most probably, this would then circumvent the problem of having a mac to compile/build for ios, what do you think?

consider deploying as progressive web app

no need to build apk/ipa

especially usefull if you don’t need native features and can do with what webapis have to offer.

irrespective of angular or not

for an ios native build you a mac with xcode developer license or use a cloud service like (paid) appflow with xcode license. For ios build you need a xcode developer license whatever you do

pwa meaning a normal website with the pwa stuff included, would it be just like visiting a normal web site?

yes, but with perks, like offline usage, push notifications etc.

so in many senses like a real app, but 100% in web technology