Ionic Build Voodoo

Forgive me if this is stupid question, but bear in mind I’m brand new to web development, so I may be missing some pieces here.

I’m building a PWA app, and I’ve been able to successfully take the platform\www directory and host it on a webserver that points to the index.html file. And, it’s like magic - all the pages show up.

But, when I look in that www folder, there are no other html files, no css, no js… none of my code is recognizable anywhere. What is happening underneath? Is the build process doing some packaging that’s hiding my content? Any links on how this breaks down would be much appreciated!

I can’t figure out whether you’re using the cordova browser platform or not, but either way look for “main.js” somewhere in there.

@rapropos, Yes, I’m using browser platform, which I guess is built on cordova.
Thanks for the hint about main.js. That does appear to be where all of “my code” ends up.
Amazing that all my application code will eventually end up in a single js file. Mind-blowing.

Guess I should spend a bit more time digging into cordova…

Cordova doesn’t really have much to do with that. Webpack is responsible for doing that bundling. If you don’t need cordova plugins in the browser version of your app, you don’t really need to bother with the “browser” platform. Serving what ionic build makes under www should work just fine as well.

aha, good to know! I’ll clean up the platforms and try just doing a ionic build. That will simplify things a bit.
Also will have a look at the details of webpack. Thanks so much!