Compile to iOS

Hi. I have my code on Linux. I would like to compile to iOS. I know I must have xCode but should i copy all my code to xCode ? Could u explain to me how to do. Thanks a lot. Guilhem

usually it would be fine, if you just copy the iOS folder from your platform folder to your Mac and start xcode with it. But in some cases you wouldn’t be able to debug if there are errors and in most cases there will be some errors, even if you’re android app runs correctly.
Therefore what I do is to copy the whole project to my Mac and run it with ionic and even remove the iOS platform and add it again. Than you can start xcode and run the project.


Ok thank you. And I took a subscription from Ionicframework. I thought Ionic would compile to iOS withoud any apple computer at home… But it seems to be i was wrong because I need certificate.
All I want to do is to generate an executable to iOS but not publish on Apple Store.

I’ve never used the subscription from ionicframework, can’t tell you anything about that.
But from my experience, with Apple, you always have something “extra” to do.
In my opinion they’re just insane :slight_smile:

good luck with that


Use version control systems like git instead, and check out fresh copies when working in different environments. The .gitignore files included in starters do a good job of making sure you don’t include things in version control that shouldn’t be there.

And OP, if you’re not interested in distributing via the Apple Store, another option may be to package your app as a PWA. They look and feel very similar to native apps on iOS, although naturally if you go this route, there are some limits on what native-esque functionality you can rely on (many cordova plugins will not work).

Thanks a lot for your answer. I am using git so it will not be a problem, i will copy files using it.
What is OP ?
And about PWA, I am at the end of the development. Is it possible to convert to PWA using Ionic ?

“Original Poster” (in other words, you).

Very easy. Follow the instructions here.

Thank you ! I will have a look and try to understand. I am not sure to understand all. :frowning: