TypeScript and JavaScript(ES6)

I understand that Type Script is much more convenient to use but from
what I am facing is that most of the tutorial and topic online are
written in JS and Inonic 1, so this makes beginner get confused in such a
way that what to choose to focusing on. Beginner might be finding
difficulties when they are stuck for something and when they search
solution online most of these are ionic 1, and JS. They might feel that
Ionic moving so fast while it is still presenting the document in
JavaScript for example: the official Ionic two are presenting the
tutorial created by: “$ ionic start MyIonic2Project tutorial --v2” it
generates js files, from this time onward beginner will have the idea
for js. Later on when the are creating their own project for example: “$
ionic start myProject blank --v2” this will generates ts files. This
makes beginner confusing and find that they are moving so fast while
they are presenting what they are now. I hope that they will be updating
such concerns, I don’t know for others, it might be okay but for me i
am a little bit confusing. One thing to be added is that when i read the
tutorial I have the “app.html” and when i create my own project i did
not have that one. so end up with searching online for solution this
might reflects that the documents presented in the official website does
not fully considered the case of beginner. Thank you for very much for
this post. I found it is very useful.


Ionic only moved recently to Typescript. I’d advise to use typescript w/ ionic2. It’s not that hard, and the Angular2 js docs are quite incomplete.

Thank you very much.

If you are new to Ionic or Angular, and just starting out with version 2, completely ignore anything you find about Angular1/Ionic1. The architecture is totally different.