Just started with ionic, need some clarification

  1. Can we build multi platform apps with single peice of codes ? eg android , IOS
  2. Can we play around with social networking API’s and other custom functionalties that Android SDK provides?
  1. Mostly yes. 99,9% of the code will be shared among different platforms. Of course, some things will require separate implementations.

  2. Yes, you can use existing social networking API’s. You’ll find many Cordova plugins made for this purpose.

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from where to start with ?

Is ionic free? to use and build apps?

Ionic is free, just like Cordova.

You can start learning directly from the official site.

If you need tutorials find them here: http://www.gajotres.net/ionic-framework-tutorial-2-anathomy-of-a-page/ just open Table of Contents.

Or you can find more information here: http://mcgivery.com/100-ionic-framework-resources/ but it’s scatered a lot.

Thanks a Ton , just a quick help
Was trying to install ionic & carnova

with these steps on Setup guide

$ npm install -g ionic
*Note: For a global install of -g ionic, OSX/Linux users may need to prefix the command with sudo or can setup proper file permissions on OSX for npm to install without sudo. *

Starting an Ionic App
$ ionic start myapp [template]
Starter templates can either come from a named template, a Github repo, a Codepen, or a local directory. A starter template is what becomes the www directory within the Cordova project.

When i do
ionic start myapp tabs
carnova CLI not installed - whats the reason?>

Error in RED is - invalid version Not installed v1.6.4

First install latest NodeJS then repeat mentioned steps.

Then do this:

npm install -g ionic cordova

Reason, Ionic CLI requires latest NodeJS version.


$ ionic platform ios android

It says current directory is not a cardova based project?

When you create a project open it then run that commend.

Example: http://www.gajotres.net/using-cordova-geoloacation-api-with-google-maps-in-ionic-framework/