I am new to Ionic, loving it. Need help to get-started please


Dear Ionic Friends,

I am new here, I was looking for good App framwprl tp start my very first App. I have a social Networking Website and used simple PHP, HTML pages.
I hope with the help of Ionic, I will be able to create my first app for my community.
I have seen the videos on youtube and saw the articles about Ionic. But I just want to know here through forum the first main basic things to begin with.

  1. How many softwares do I need to start with? such as Node.js., AngularJS etc… Do I need to install all of these?
  2. Which App is easy to start with first, for IOS or Android ? As I am new and going to work for the first time with the App, so I would like to start from the easy one :smile:
  3. I also saw on the official website http://ionicframework.com/ there is going to be in Ionic Creator drag & drop system soon start, so do I need to wait for that if that is easy to begin with?

I would really appreciate you guys help, if from this forum I can get some knowledge.

Thanks heaps in advance,

Caniuse equivalent for ionic

Welcome to the community. Your best starting point is these two places. I would read through each to understand them before actually doing the installs.


It will guide you through what needs to be installed and how to get a very simple app started via templates.

With Ionic, it’s easy enough to get started with both Android and iOS. However, the installs for Android are a bit tougher.

Best of luck!