Ionic starter native oauth

Hey all,

As we all know that authenticating users with social websites gives them a lot of flexibility and trust. Because of this, developers will want to implement social authentication into their apps, which might involve a good amount of learning effort. So I’ve decided to make it easy for all of you through a starter project.

The repository has documented how to use the Facebook’s graph API, collecting information from nodes of the graph API and also has an angular wrapper for Google plus plugin.

Developers have to just clone this repository, install the plugin and that’s it, your app will now enable users to login with Facebook and Google. You will now be able to see the authenticated user details, which can be used for app logic. That’s it you did integrate social authentication in your app without writing any boilerplate code.

The complete instruction with common pitfalls that might occur during installation are documented. The repository uses Wizcorp’s Facebook plugin and Eddy Vergruggen’s Google login plugin.

Clone it here:

If you find this repository useful, please show your love in comments below and stars on github. Thank you.


Thanks man, I already have mine setup, but it will be very helpfull for new devs :smile:

This would be helpful for my projects. Thanks very much. Gave my * on github my friend.

Thank you so much for sharing, I will give it a try for sure!