Building a Plugin or SDK from an Ionic App


I am wondering if anyone has ever taken an existing Ionic App and then been able to use it as a plugin for other native apps? For example, you build a routing and map app in Ionic. Then you want to offer this app to other apps to be able to easily embed it into their native, react, even ionic apps?

Anyway to compile an Ionic App to a library so it can be reused?


The answer to this is probably specific to whatever framework you’re using, but for Angular, I would think the closest thing to what you ask would be a library.

Ok. Well we did use Angular. But I am wondering if you’re understanding my ask.

We created a full blown app with the ability to enter a start and destination address. It then calls a routing api for routes, leverages Cordova for GPS to phone, and does turn by turn directions on a map in map box.

I want to take all this functionality and package it up so someone who has another app can just embed this in their existing app. Be able to pass info to the control and respond to events raised as well.


I understood what you were asking.

I wanted to give you something to investigate while you wait for somebody else to come along and tell you something more along the lines of what you want to hear, because my answer to your direct question is “no”.