Is there an ETA for the end of Ionic 4 beta?

Is there an estimated time for when Ionic 4 won’t be on beta and stable?

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First they go into RC stage and there are still Angular errors that prevent some things from happening al together.
tl;dr: no

I read this week that the plan is: RC soon, final version January 2019

I’ve been working on the beta platform for a few months now and to be honest it’s pretty stable now. There are a few breaking changes here and there in each release but nothing major…yet anyway.

However for me the actual transfer from ionic 3 to 4 is taking a long time despite what some people have said. I have a big project been working on the transfer since September and still have another month to go. My advice is if you are committed to Ionic 4, start now and don’t wait… just my 2 cents


So do you think it’d be a good idea to start a new project in a company with it? Is it at least as stable as Ionic 3?

I can’t answer that as I don’t know your circumstances, all I can say for my project it is stable enough and I have found that my app is actually faster (once I have compiled the production version) especially in safari web browser where it lagged in Ionic 3.

It was in that capacitor blogpost right?

nope, last post I saw about it was on twitter

I agree, also converting a medium sized project since September, almost done, but I did this at half-speed (evenings & weekends, since I have a job…).

To add: it’s well worth the effort - it feels more solid than ever in a software-architecture sense. Your project will be faster, better organized, and more of a pleasure to work with (though right now I’m fighting some navigation issues to do with beta.16 & angular but I expect those rough edges to go away).


Now It is February 2019, any updates about ionic 4, is it still in beta stage?

Bro, Ionic 4 is already released