Is it possible to use Ionic 4 (alpha, beta, rc)?


I am starting a new project from scratch and would like to know if I could already start using Ionic 4.

For even if it is not in a “final” version, I believe it would already be advantageous for me because my project will take some time to be released.


I’m on the same situation. Months are passing by and no news about Ionic 4…

Please, could anybody on the team give any clue about the timelines?


I wouldn’t worry too much about ionic 4 right now. The ionic team has made it clear that it will be a change similar to ionic 2 -> ionic 3, with maybe a few breaking changes but fairly close to a drop in replacement.

If you use the latest stable ionic release (3.9.2) it won’t be too difficult to update to ionic 4 when it is released.