Ionic 4 beta stable?

I will start a project at the beginning of 2019 (January or February). Maybe a bit later.

Will it be better to start with t he actually 3.9 version even it will be very soon (but when ???) the 4 version, or should I start with the 4 version even it is actually beta but maybe in three months it will be released…depending on the Ionic team lifecycle development. Any advise ideas are welcome

Any info about their roadmap?

I know it’s not the best location to ask … But I think that some people are wondering the same question!

Thanks in advance

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some plugins are not working correctly, but ionic 4 is actually really stable.
I am developing my new App in Ionic 4 and it is really a treat, although the docs are not as good (yet).
Ionic 4 structure is different from 3 so if you ever want to use ionic 4 with the new angular version, you should start with ionic 4 now, to transfer from 3 to 4 probably would be to much work to be worth it (my opinion)

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In the following post you will find some testimonial:

When it comes to me I would say the same as I wrote down in that linked post: yep Ionic v4 is definitely cool but I would suggest to give a try first, no feedback will replace a try with your personal background, know-how and goals

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I started with V3 and as I have a problem of white page that I can not solve I started a new project with V4.
I am beginner in dev so that it is in V3 or V4 I learn.
is not it @reedrichards :wink:

We all are, just have a look at the two last bugs I solved today in my app :wink:

heuuuu I’ll keep my eye in its place it can serve me better to read lol.
Where can I see that?