Build and Publish IOS

With an ionic pro account and apple developer account, it’s possible build and publish ionic 3 app without a mac device?

No you cannot, You need Xcode which is only for mac computers.

but i want use ionic pro functionalities like a ionic package to create and publish, really i need a mac with xcode???
this post []
is not valid for ionic 3? i know that is a legacy cli, but doesn’t exist something like this in “new” ionic pro with the new cli? (

In the link you provided he states that you cannot make iOS builds without a Mac and you cannot publish an app to the app store with out one.

Again, you CANNOT publish an app to the app stores without a mac no matter what. I have a mac so I don’t run into these problems. You best bet is to buy a mac, sorry…

If you want just follow his steps to see if it will work with ionic pro account. Goodluck

If you don’t have Mac, then you can use VirtualBox and install MacOs on it, then all good to go…

If you want to have your app on Apple’s app store then don’t go down this route.

Why? because putting an app on the app store is not a one-off process - you will have plenty of communications with Apple during the process, not to mention updates and general day to day monitoring. Above all else, if your app is in the app store and earning money - do you want to risk your account being closed because Apple has concerns over the validity of your Apple hardware.

My advice is simple: decide if you want your app on the app store. If yes then get yourselves a real mac computer. You could use a second-hand machine if you want to keep costs down - but I will guarantee you will go out and buy the most expensive mac you can buy later on.

P.S. - I should say I am not a fan of Apple and much prefer windows based computers - but if you want to play ball you have to follow their rules.