Ideas for submitting ipa files to App Store without a Mac


After successfully packaging my app for iOS using Ionic Pro, I’m facing one last big challenge: How to upload the generated ipa file to the App Store. Apple is keen on forcing you to use a Mac, but I found two alternatives:

(1) A cloud service called “Mac In Cloud” at

(2) An application that can run on windows called “Application loader” at

Are you familiar with any of these, or do you have any other recommendations?

Is possible to publicate the application in app store with hackintosh?

Mac in Cloud I used before, works just fine. I would be cautious. Very Chinese.

One more for the list: Never used it, but is German. Definitely create a special account for using it though.


Thanks for your feedback. I’m planning to use first, as the pricing model is perfect and your know that there is a real person behind it (Steffen Wenz). Of course, I’ll create a temporary user first (with min privileges) just for the upload, which I’ll remove immediately afterwards.


Let us know how it worked out. Was always curious if this works.


It worked! I was able to upload the ipa file using the “Application Loader” service found at I choose the “pay as you go” subscription plan, for which the cost is 1.5 euros (apprx. $1.5 USD) per successfully upload. For security reasons, I created a temp Apple account (I set its role to “developer”) and I use this account to perform the upload.