Is Crosswalk still necessary? June/2017


Hi Guys,

As I can’t see the Crosswalk plugin in the list of ionic native plugins, I am asking myself: Is Crosswalk plugin still necessary at this time?



Totally depends on whether you need to support <4.4 android.


Not at all. For me with >5 is ok.

So, Do you recommend to remove the plugin?


Yes, it will make your app binary considerably smaller.


In case you don’t know, Crosswalk has been officially discontinued. It still exists and works, but will only be supported by volunteer community members. So people should try to get their apps to work without using it.


Yes, exactly.

Just want to confirm.



I make an aplication with WebRTC and Crosswalk for me is the best option, for Android and iOs apps


I had the same questions as you. I used to ship XWalk with my app too but finally I don’t do it anymore because my app target user using Android >= 5

I tested my app on actualized Android 6 and Android 7 real phone and the overall performance were still cool and as @rapropos noticed, the app binary size is really smaller now.

But each app are different, consider having some tests on real phones too first :wink:

P.S.: If your app is already in store and if you decide to remove XWalk and if after you push your new version to store you notice that your clients aren’t updated, no worries, the solution is there


Hı I want to use WebRTC.
can you help me


Sure, please add me to Skype (
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I don’t use Skype.
may I ask by mail?


Sure, email at