Should i add crosswalk to my Ionic project


I’m developing an app using ionic , so far I’ve test it on android 5 and 6 devices and it runs fine .
However i want support the most android versions as possible , in the past i’d used crosswalk in my ionic 1 apps but i heard the crosswalk projects was discontinued and they had stopped support for android 4.0 devices.

Given that my app runs fine on all the devices i’ve tested it on , should i still add crosswalk to the project ??


If your app run fine on all android device, then there is no need to add crosswalk. I had added crosswalk since I was using promises and webrtc, and wanted to support Android 4.0 +. Make sure to test your app on android 4.0+ if you want to support that device. Also read about the functionality that are missing from android 4 which you may be using, for me it was Promises and webrtc.