Crosswalk 23 is the last version and questions

Yesterday crosswalk announced that version 23 will be the last one (see link here under).

I use the crosswalk plugin in my app because I thought, maybe wrongly, that it allow me to be sure that my app gonna behave and look the same way independently of the Android phone (of course except when it goes to the screen size). For example, if I test my app on a Nexus 5X most probably it gonna works too on a Samsung Edge (something like that).

  1. But do WebView really change depending on Android version after Android 5 or 6 respectively is Webview only different on old Android version (like 4.1 to 4.x)?

  2. Furthermore, Crosswalk generally improved the performance, also on Android 5. Do someone did some test recently, do Crosswalk increase performance on modern Phone/Android version too or with the last versions of WebView this isn’t correct anymore?

Thx in advance for your feedbacks, I’m a little bit confused right now about these questions

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Up…anyone have got an idea, do I need XWalk for Android > 5 or maybe not?


Target Android <= 4: XWalk might be useful
Target Android >= 5: XWalk may not be needed


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