Is apple will reject any ionic apps?


i read that apple will reject any templated apps is this true ?
this article

I read it too , waiting reply from ionic team
it’s horrible

Ionic isn’t a template. If you program, you have nothing to worry about. If you put your name on someone else’s program, then you might have a problem. Apple has even told people they should use Ionic instead of a templating service.

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Basically, if you use a service that advertises “build an app without writing a line of code!” it will be rejected.
At least that’s how I understand it

the rule is aimed at agencies that create an app template and sell that same template to multiple companies with only minimal changes. For example if they have an event app template, and you just brand it with your logo and details, but the rest stays the same.

Also if you run an event several times a year and create the same app for each one but just change the date, rather than having one app with each event date in a menu it will be rejected.

It’s a move purely to clean up the clutter in the app store.

If you’re creating your own app in Ionic you’ll be fine.