Apple store will reject any angularJS apps 1st of January 2018

Hello dears

i got an image mentioned that app store will reject any app written by Angular, xamarin…etc starting from 1st of January 2018.

so i have contact itunes connect support team and they confirm it, below their response

The email notification quoted is official and it will take place from the 1st of January 2018. Every app created with templates and app generator services will be rejected.

Nonetheless, we are not the appropriate channel to request information about App Review guidelines and processes.

Am a developer with itnues and i have apps written using PhoneGap but didn’t get this email

so your advise please ? what’s going on !! should we convert our app to native platforms ?!


Lol, no they didn’t. It’s a known fake.

The People for Native Platforms strike again

Template and app generator are not very close to Ionic … but Ionic does come with UI templates.
Build your own UI using CSS3 to avoid rejection:

iTunes guys confirmed it for real… ?

Apple will react sooner, I think, if not now to save the declining popularity of its iOS native application tools such as Swift language.

i sent the email by myself dear, it’s not fake

Show us a screenshot of your email … which again can be edited on photoshop easily. :smiley:

Then you got phished.

Hoax, duplicate

P.S.: @int3rnet could you plz edit the title of this thread and add the the word “(Hoax)” in it

Can you explain what you mean by template ?!!

is it like bootstrap templates that contain CSS and js ready to use?

thank you

that comment alone explains this whole thing is totally fake…