Apple 4.2.6 Guidelines and Ionic

Hello, to everyone.
I want to start to develop App with Ionic. Before, I want to know more about Apple Guidelines, in particular on 4.2.6 paragraph. Can I have some trouble if I use Ionic for my Apps? It’s a discriminating characteristic if I use Ionic instead React Native or Native code? Can you explain me specifically?
Thanks in advance.

Could you link to or quote exactly what you are talking about? Would make responding a lot easier.

Yes, this is the resource:

The guidelines talk about to refuse Apps built with Template, AppBuilder and spam contents but I read a lot about Apps built with Ionic, refused because built with App Template.
So, my question is: is a good choice start to use Ionic in order to start a Mobile Business?


There are tens of thousands of apps built with Ionic in the app stores. We all are using it here, so of course we decided that our answer to this is “Yes”.

OK, of course.
But I read in this forum people talking about this problem. They can’t submit or update their Apps because Apple stop them (they ‘use a commercial template’, in the most of the cases).
My question is: there are some guidelines to follow in Ionic in order to prevent the refuse from Apple about the Commercial Template?

Example: if I build an App with Ionic with some Native function (eg: Geolocation), using my own custom template and the seller is my customer, Apple can refuse my App only because is build with a Hybrid Framework?
I read everywhere but I can’t find a precise answer.

The issue isn’t that the apps are built with a Hybrid Framework, the issue is that Apple is cracking down on similar/template apps. The reason for this is to try and reduce the amount of spam apps in the app store, but unfortunately as we’ve seen it’s hitting some (imho) legitimate use cases.

So there doesn’t seem to be any clear cut answer to how to not be affected by this, as the app review process is swingy at best to begin with, other than to say: Don’t release several apps with solely “minor” cosmetic changes.

What does that mean in practicality? shrug

Ok, these 3 people (I think it wasn’t more) affected are doing lots of similar apps with similar code (but for good reasons!). Unfortunately Apple is cracking down on people doing this for bad reasons, and they seem to be affected as well. But this also happened to lots of native apps (I posted a link to one in one of these threads where we talked about that).

If you develop the app yourself, with your own code and design, your should be fine.

PS: Note that Apple can do whatever they want - so noone can give you any guarantees.

So, this will be a big issue for us as well if this is true. What’s the update about this? Will Ionic apps be blocked from the App Store?

No, why should they? If you create an individual app with Ionic, it is under no way problematic for the guidelines. If you create hundreds of identical apps that offer no additional value, you will get problems with Apple not matter what technique you used to build them.

How can you be so sure? It doesn’t say anything about quantity in the guidelines.

This is what it says:

Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected.

Because Ionic is not a commercialized template (this refers to a standard e.g. “Restaurant app” where you just replace a few images and text strings to build “your” app) and not an app generation service (which refers to a service, that allows you to do the exact same thing but automated).

we’ll get into an interesting space when Apple starts refusing apps generated through Ionic Pro services :slight_smile:

Or even worse, just because it is possible to push updates without going through the store. One of the USPs of Ionic Pro.

Apple is infuriating sometimes.

Would apple reject my apps if, for example, i have 10 apps with the same code but with different content (images, text, etc.)?

9 of them would probably get rejected?

Fingers crossed for the rise of the PWA. I saw that a large bank just discontinued their apps in favor of a PWA.

Which one? Would be interesting to know

No clue

Have never submitted an app to any store… :slight_smile:

Capital One Business

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