Is Angular slow? Use Vue instead



There are some situations Angular is slow. In this case I recommend to use Vue.js

It is the JS framework similar to Angular; even leaner and even faster. There is the documentation describing how to use it.

You can look at my use case, the proof-of-concept.
Please first fork this example before change it.

My example: Vue + SVG manipulation


Hi Pablo74. This is really interesting because I’ve looked all over the internet to see if Ionic is compatible with VueJS. Everyone says no. Have you actually been able to compile and test your example on a mobile device?



I am not able to “compile” Ionic with VueJS. But, you can use VueJS with Ionic; some part of your app could be used with VueJS.



You can use Vonic - it is a framework integrating VueJS + CSS from Ionic.