My app is too slow what's wrong with me


Hi Dude, Love this fanstastic framework ionic

i’m doing make a app at github (
recently it goes packaging using phonegap, and tested it
but it’s too slow

then I tested in chrome in my phone (htc sensation), it slow too.
could u tell me some hint for my code?

it used sideMenu controller base ionic 0.94 version

thank you for listening


If it’s not programmer error, then there’s some simple things you can do to speed up your app. I would focus on two things; 1. reducing DOM rewrites, and 2. limit the # of watchers associated to Angular ng attributes.

For 1. try to minimize adding/removing elements to/from the DOM. There are a number of tricks here, I’d recommend you do a little research. For 2. check out bindonce ( These two items are related, solving for 1 will generally help with 2.

However, I think longer term, integrating Angular with something like reactjs makes a lot of sense. Angularjs rerenders the entire DOM when an element is manipulated, which, if you have a lot of DOM elements, really slows down your application.


thank you @ethan your kind mention will help me.

:smile: be loved angularjs me too, has magic but now i knew that not suit all case
when I try, make and solve this problems, I 'll report that in this post.