Is it possible to use VueJS instead of Angular


in an Ionic2 app? The internet says no but I found this example in this forum.

It is still wrapped up in an angular app but Vue is handling the frontend widget. Can this example even be compiled?

noob to Ionic - loves Vue


sure you can use it… for specific components… you also can build another part of your app with react if you want.

But you can not use ionic without angular… because ionic is based on angular.


The example is mine :slight_smile:

Loving VueJS too. You can use Framework7, it works great with VueJS. If you are still interesting in Ionic, you can see this:


Really hope the Ionic team can find a way to move away from their dependency on Angular. When React came along, we could still say it lacks the two-way binding. Now with vue, I really don’t see any compelling reason to keep using Angular - except for Ionic. Nowadays, the only reason I’m still using Angular is because of Ionic, because I find it still to be the best hybrid framework around - FOR NOW. However, when other libraries, such as vue based quasar and pure js onsen and, Framework7 etc are fast evolving, my fear is that the drawbacks of Angular may weight on further adaptions of the Ionic system.