Ionic Angular or Ionic Vue for complex application architecture?

Hey guys,

I’m planing to develop an application for IOS and Android and also a web-based admin application, which could be considered as complex. Which Ionic would you suggest - Ionic Angular or Ionic Vue? I read, that Vue would be clearly faster, but is it also useable for complex application architectures?

Thanks in advance!

Angular does automatic change detection that Vue doesn’t. If you do unnecessarily heavy things in code called by change detection, it will impact performance negatively. If you don’t, it won’t. If you wish to nerf Angular’s change detection so that it runs less frequently, you can. So I doubt that in the real world, Vue would be “clearly faster”, but framework performance comparisons often suffer from the fact that in-group variation is larger than cross-group variation: the average height of people of Asian heritage is probably lower than that of those of Swedish heritage, but Yao Ming is 7’6" and Bjorn Ulvaeus is 5’9".

I would suggest writing a smallish “Hello World” app using each framework and see which feels more natural and intuitive to you.