Using Vue as an Angular alternative for Ionic: The Directives

Vue and Angular Directives are quite similar.
In this tutorial, we will see how we can create JavaScript and TypeScript Vue Directives in an Ionic application.


This is really nice content, I haven’t seen anyone else do it. Though I wish you coded in ES6…

This is great because Vue.js is faster than angular.

Thanks :slight_smile: , there’s more coming.
As for speed, according to Vue’s website:

Both frameworks are exceptionally fast, with very similar metrics on benchmarks. You can browse specific metrics for a more granular comparison, but speed is unlikely to be a deciding factor.

Yes, Vue is faster than Angular and React. React is in fact on par with Vue but Vue is a little faster in few more areas.
However React comes with more tools and packages than vue for now… so I would be interested in using React. For speed, Vue.js could be the solution. Vue.js could potentially make hybrid app as fast as normal native apps.

This topic is still in debate because developers on angular forum say they have their own method to make angular faster… but I don’t believe angular is indeed fast when running on Cordova.