iPhoneX minimum iOS version

Hi, just wondering what the minimum iOS version is when compiling for iPhoneX/iOS11? Cordova 4.5.1 makes the minimum iOS SDK version to be 9, meaning that anything below that would be dropped. Can somebody clarify? Thanks!

First with cordova 4.5.1 I guess you are meaning cordova-ios 4.5.1

Then about iPhoneX i guess yes it gonna be release with the last iOS aka 11

About the minimum SDK I personally specify 9 as the lowest version right now, I published an update in the app store, this wasn’t refused, so I guess it’s ok. Furthermore even if I set 9 as lowest, I was able to simulate an iPhoneX with Xcode simulator…long story short, setting 9 as lowest isn’t a problem for iPhoneX … but I’m just guessing

In config.xml I’ve got:

 <preference name="deployment-target" value="9.0" />

Side note: https://developer.apple.com/support/app-store/ => iOS9 = 9% and earlier = 2% on the current market (if this graphic is up-to-date)

Yes, you are correct on cordova-ios 4.5.1.

I’m aware of that 2% stat (users with iOS8 and below), but I might have a hard time convincing our client to let these 2% go. I also wonder what popular apps, like Whatsapp (even though they don’t use cordova) would do regarding this? Drop all iOS7 and 8 users?

About cordova 4.5.1, where did you read that the minimum iOS SDK is 9? I didn’t found anything about that in the release but maybe I misread it https://cordova.apache.org/announcements/2017/09/25/ios-release.html

About the 2%, I think that it can’t be interpreted for a decision without having other data, like where demographically are these 2%, same across the world or specific to regions? is your client operating in these regions? what are the demographic data of these 2%? do they match your client target audience? etc. just saying, maybe these 2% are really 2% maybe there are less…

I tried to find info regarding the minimum ios sdk version, but couldn’t find a definite answer. I’ve set the minimum ios sdk to 8, but XCode9 wouldn’t compile. Most probably I’m doing something wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

From our logs, I can see that there are still iOS 8 users (they are the minority of course). If there is a way to keep them, together with having the ‘updated’ design for iPhoneX/iOS11, I would.

Maybe then the limitation isn’t cordova-ios but rather Xcode9 which maybe doesn’t allow iOS SDK < 9?

I could understand that, of course if there is still user using older version, that would make sense

Yes, I was thinking earlier that maybe I could try cordova-ios-4.5.1 with XCode8, and minimum ios sdk 8.0.

In any case I don’t think you need to update to cordova-ios-4.5.1 to be iPhoneX compatible. Following the https://blog.ionic.io/ios-11-checklist/ this update isn’t mentioned

But on the other side I think you need Xcode 9 to be able to simulated iPhoneX and maybe even iOS11 (not sure, right?)