How to build an app with iOS 12.1 SDK or later?

Last time I submitted my app to iTunes Connect I’ve got this email from Apple:

SDK Version Issue - This app was built with the iOS 11.2 SDK. Starting March 2019, all iOS apps submitted to the App Store must be built with the iOS 12.1 SDK or later, included in Xcode 10.1 or later.

On the other side, Ionic documentation clearly states::

We recommend using XCode 9. Xcode 10 support in Cordova is still a work-in-progress. See this issue for details.

Any recommendations how to solve this and build Ionic app with iOS 12.1?

And more general question: how do you know what iOS SDK you’re currently using and how to change it? I did some research to find answers to these questions, but didn’t find any.

Appreciate your help.

Apache Cordova is currently in the process of releasing a new version of cordova-ios. There should be news quite soon-ish (and if you look at npm Github, there already might be a release - but not on npm).

Thanks @Sujan12!

I checked cordova-ios Github. They released version 5.0.0 2 days ago. It seems like this version includes full support for XCode 10. It’s not in npm yet.

So, just to make sure that I understand correctly the process of building for SDK 12.1:

  1. Upgrade cordova-ios to 5.0.0 once it’s available (ionic cordova platform rm ios, ionic cordova platform add ios)
  2. Build the app in XCode 10.

Is this correct? Am I missing something?


It is now available:

And yes, that should pretty much be the process.

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ok, for those of you in the same boat… I just upgraded to 5.0.0 and it went pretty smooth. I didn’t encounter any problems.

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