iOS guidelines 4.3 Spam and 4.2.6 commercial template

Does anyone got their app developed with Ionic marked as spam in the iOS app review?

Mine hit the 4.3 guideline, just because we have some clients with similar template, but totally different content and images.

Also there’s 4.2 and 4.2.6 that says it will block any app published with a commercial template.

What do you think about this?
Did it happen to you?

It’s happened with me too.
I don’t know what to do yet.
The companies are competitors and doesn’t want a container app, any company want to have their own app.

Are you publishing these apps in the same account?

We sell a lot of city apps and e-store apps. They are all diferente, but share the similar source code.

Apple is blocking all the updates of the existing apps and also the new ones. They are saying they share the same design and functionality and are being market as spam.

We have contracts with our clients, and they want individual apps, they don’t want to be mixed with others competitors.

They are published in the same account, but I found others complying about this, and it seems it’s also happening with apps published in different accounts. Don’t know if it’s true or not…

I Need more feedback from the community.

First thing I would try is to create an account per customer. Transfer the app over if it already exists (I think this was possible, right?), but better test this with a new app first - If the apps are not in the same account Apple is much less probably to make the connection.

@Supzero faced the minimum-functionality rejection a while ago, don’t know if he found a solution at the end…

Here’s the topic:

I’ve seen this happen with other developers using ionic as well. They created a lot of apps for clientes, based on the same structure but using different layout and look and feel.

Even using different developer account, they have been blocked by guideline 4.3

But there is others that havs like 500+ apps and keep including them without a problem. I’m really concerned that his happens just with web view apps and not with native apps.

Have some more info about it?

ps: i’ve seen another account having a similar problem with google play… will look into that

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This are very severe rules. They are affecting our company in a large scale.We sell apps to cities and administrative entities/services. All apps are different, they have different identity, but share the same base code, as the main features are the same (communication layer, data models) changing only CSS and HTML in some cases.

We use Ionic to build our apps with some custom build scripts.

What Apple told us is they are targeting not only UI similarities, but also the source code and frameworks. Probably more than 70% of our apps have exactly the same source code (cordova, cordova plugins, ui framworks) and in some way this is stopping the apps to get approved.

I don’t have a written response, but this was told me by and oficial AppStore Reviewer on the phone.

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If I were affected I would try to network as many affected people as possible, contacting Jennifer and Code for America etc.

To me this is a well thought rule gone awry. It makes sense for some types of apps, but not for many others like especially this city based apps. If someone would make an app for each tiny city in his trip guide website, this would be different - but this is not the case here.