Multiple apps from 1 codebase?

Hi All.
I just wondered if anyone has every used a single codebase to make multiple apps?

I have an Ionic app that will be re-branded multiple times for different clients (mostly theme and logo change).
I wondered if there was a way of doing this without duplicating the entire app every time?


I have been thinking about the very same issue.

The way I would achieve it would be on first install to call custom data from a website.

I’d advise caution. Apple is really throwing down the hammer with “templated” apps, which their general definition seems to be any app that predominantly has the same code and only some UI tweaks.

That is a very good point!

I’ve done a shared component idea, where you can have a central repo with components / providers / pages in there. You then have multiple other repo’s which can borrow from that central resource.

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Thanks @Judgewest2000 I will give that a try and see if it plays well.

I understand the concern, the company I work for provide a white-labelled service, hence we need to roll out the same app to multiple customers under different brands.

So far Apple have been ok with it.

I never had a beef with it :wink: do what you like for me.

Btw this is a quick dirty example. A little bit bettter would be to host the shared bit using npm or git