Ionic View - Not Updating Properly (Timely fashion)

I’ve come to notice that after updating my app with the ionic upload command (and after it completes, where it says “Successfully uploaded (id_here)”), it does not update on my phone even after clearing the app data and re-downloading it.

Edit: it’s important to note that this is not always the case. Sometimes it updates correctly when I re-download the app, but more often than not it does not, as described above. Most often I see it not updating instantly when I edit my style.css file, and sometimes when I update the controller.js file. I’m not sure if the files have anything to do with it, if there some sort of persistent caching on the Ionic Viewer app (even when deleting an app), or if the actual upload isn’t being initiated properly (I’m using a Vagrant box that I set up with the package two days ago).

I will come back to the last upload X minutes later and upon re-downloading it again, it will update to the latest version that I uploaded. Is this a caching issue with the Ionic servers or am I missing something?

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I am also seeing the same issue.

Hey guys, this is a known bug: For whatever reason the WebView will cache local assets indefinitely (it seems like they remain in memory) meaning the app won’t update unless there is memory pressure or you kill the app.

You can avoid this in theory by appending a cache buster to the end of your asset urls, although I haven’t tried it out yet. I think the best solution at this point will be to have the cli do this for you when you run ionic upload, which we will be implementing in a future release.