Ionic View doesn't update after syncing


I’ve been encountering an issue with Ionic View since Monday from around 11:30am; after pushing an upload with ‘ionic upload’ and syncing with the latest changes on Ionic View the app doesn’t update even though it says it’s synced to the latest version.

I have tried this with multiple projects and none seem to work however due to lack of such problem being reported here on the forums I wonder if it could have been perhaps been caused by firewall settings used by the company I work for?


I’m seeing the same using IonicView 1.1.1 on iPhone/iPad.

Have uploaded the app and Deployed it. The UI shows the correct timestamp for the updated application but it doesn’t load the latest.

This can be worked around by killing the app in the Task Switcher then Syncing to Latest.

Ionic View is known to do that sometimes.