Cached views / JS after app update

Hey there,

I have an app out on the app store using the latest Beta release (aka it’s caching views and such). After releasing an update, my app wasn’t applying the new JS code that was released, it was still firing old code. I was curious if the caching functionality built into Ionic applies not to just views, but our JS too.

For instance, with the caching, as I understand it, it creates a controller once, and then attaches / detaches as the user navigates to and from the view. So… if you release an app update, wouldn’t the controllers still be old ones, not the new ones released with the app update?


Hi Sean, any luck with finding a solution?

Having the exact same issue here. I’ve even tried renaming my view HTML files but the old app keeps loading until I manually clear the app data on the device. This happens on Android and iOS.