Ionic View App Not Updating

I have an app that when viewed through ionic serve it works perfect, but then these changes are not updating in the ionic view app. I have cleared the app id so it assigns a new id and I have cleared the app cache through the view app itself every time I update the app.

So, I created a base project from i.e. tabs (just to avoid it being a project related possibility) and just gave the Home page a basic string variable and placed it in the view and that is not even updating in the ionic view app.

I have been working with ionic for a while an realize all the things that I typically do for an ionic app to get it from dev to prod, but this has been going on since Friday afternoon and I’m not sure if there is an issue that just came up with the ionic view app either lagging incredibly with updates or not updating at all.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

For anyone reading this post in the future, I was able to solve my issue by creating an npm build script that was simply

“view”: “ionic-app-scripts build && ionic upload”

Then all I have to do is

“npm run view”

And it works because it builds the project and then uploads it.