Ionic view - making it live



I am doing a university project and was wondering if it would be possible to make the app live on ionic view so my tutors can search for the key to view my app.

i dont want to be paying to add it to the google play store etc

any help would be greatful


You could

  • send them the .apk file
  • Use some file storage website to send them only the link to the .apk
  • Upload the app on the store (which is free), but count a few days to have it online

You actually have many options : )


thank you for the response back

is there any guides that would tell me about the options and how to do each one

I wont be able to upload to the app store as the hand in date is tomorrow


Can you tell me what platform you are developping on ? Android would be much easier.


im hoping for it to work on both IOS and android if that is possible?


Oh, I just read Google Play store, must be Android then.

in your project folder, go to

you have your debug apk file here, which can work well, but I advice you to follow these guidelines

After that, you can send the generated .apk file by mail (they will just have to click it to install)
If the file is too big, upload it on (Or the site you prefer)

If you are developping on iOS, this is not possible, and you should bring your mac to install it manually on their devices unless they are Jailbroken. (Works too with Android devices if you can’t to the previous steps)
Just plug their devices on your mac, open xCode project in project_Folder/platforms/ios/, wait for the symbols to be processed, and click run on selected device


I think I will just go with android and give them different options.

I will be giving a demo in a few weeks so I can go into more detail with them about it then

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: