How is the ionic view app used to share a "view" with a client?


I have been having a hard time figuring out and find documentation on how to use the ionic view app and make my development work available to my clients. I don’t have access to a Mac but my client has an iPad. What I would like to do may not be possible… but I would still like to figure out how to show the app I am developing to a client that has an Android app. Since I don’t have a Mac, I cannot build for the iOS platform.

So, as a developer, I’d upload the ionic app that I am developing. I did find that in the documentation. However, I am confused as to how to share my app with a specific person that has the ionic view app installed on their device. I was working with a developer a while back and he used ionic view and when I opened the ionic view app on my Android tablet, only the one app we were developing was showing up there. How is this accomplished? How do I make my app available for viewing by a specific person, on their device that has the ionic view app?

Lastly, is it possible to view the app on an iPad? Since I am using Windows and Linux, I suppose I cannot even do a build for iOS. So, I guess, this suggests to me that I won’t be able to make the app available on an iPad that has the ionic view app installed on it.


You must upload your app using ‘ionic upload’.
You invite a user using ‘ionic share

Regarding your iOS question, I don’t know.


If you upload your app to Ionic View you only need to send application ID or invite them via mail.