Deploy the android build/package(apk) to device directly

I am testing my ionic mobile app in an android device by connecting it via USB. It’s working fine except that the connectivity is not stable because it’s either the cable or the device charging connectors are loose. Is it possible to copy the android generated build/package to device and install it? Any guides/links/doc is greatly appreciated.

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$ adb install -r platforms/android/build/outputs/apk/android-debug.apk

@rapropos Thanks! Is this also possible for iOS device(iphone)?

From a mac, can you not run…

ionic cordova run ios

Or am I over-simplifying the question?

Otherwise you have diawi.

I think theoretically it is supposed to work from the ionic CLI, but I always just run out of Xcode.

Xcode can only be installed in Mac. I don’t have Mac but I have iPhone. If I open the app in Ionic View from an iPhone device, is the app running as if it was an app installed directly in the iPhone? I mean like the use of the native stuff.

@Judgewest2000 I don’t have mac. I have only iPhone

Somebody else is going to have to answer, because I don’t use any of Ionic’s hosted services.

Ionic Pro is a hosted and closed source service, so there is not much we, the community, can help you with. There is a FAQ and common/known issues at You can - and should - contact support at There is also

No, Ionic View is not identical to your own app. It is only uploading the html/JS/CSS part of your app.
To properly test an iOS app you need a Mac around.
As a workaround you can build the iOS app with Ionic Package and then upload the generated file to a third party beta distribution service like HockeyApp. Then you can download and install it via there on your iPhone and test. (Unfortunately debugging again requires a Mac to connect to)

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You can certainly use the Ionic Pro services to build your .ipa.

As far as I’m concerned the Ionic View version of your app is good to a point - but it’s not the same as the end result. Chances are you will want to use plugins not available on Ionic View and of course it’s not what the end user will be doing in order to install your application.

My main development machine is a Windows 10 computer with which I can do 90% of everything I need.

Using Josh’s awesome post on how to create your Apple certificates (you do need an Apple developer account) you can create the necessary certificates.

And then use Ionic Pro to actually build your app into an .ipa file which you can deploy via the diawi service.

This is my workflow.

That last 10% that I cannot do on my Windows PC is iOS debug (needs Safari) and upload to the app store. There are alternatives for both of these in the guise of online services, but I REALLY recommend you don’t bother. If you get yourself a cheap 2011 / 2012 mac mini from eBay for a couple hundred $ € £ you’ll have a much easier time of it.

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@Sujan12 To build the iOS app with Ionic Package, I have these options “App Store”, “Development”, “Ad hoc”, “Enterprise”. Is these what you mean by “build th iOS app with Ionic Package”?

Yes, the one you want would be “Development” here (read what the 3rd party beta distribution service expects).