Showing ionic app in development on a client's mobile device

I hope this is the correct forum in which to ask this basic, beginner question.

If I am using just Ionic Studio with no other add-on features or services (e.g., AppFlow, nor the “Launch” level subscription) how do I go about sharing with my clients my in-progress app development? Particularly if I want them to see the app on their mobile devices? I’ve searched the web for information about this but I can’t seem to turn up any answers. I hope someone here can lead me to some answers. Thank you.

Simple way:
If your app is PWA compatible, you can just upload it to a website and they can view it that way.

Hard way:
build prod version of your app, upload to each store platform. For ios use testflight and for android they can download the beta version from the play store.

I kinda figured as much, so I started looking into how could I automate the build process using open source tools. I’d have to decide if it’s worth the effort to learn and set up all that, else I get that it would be a bit of a pain. Thanks.

You’re welcome. Good luck!

I personally don’t like the Option to upload as a PWA, as they often handles things differently. In our Company we use Appcenter by Microsoft. You can upload .apk’s or .ipa’s there and customers can download your App from there :blush:

It might open a can of worms to invite people to say which paid services they recommend. If I’m going to pay why not use Ionic’s own solutions (except Ionic is pricier)?

I’ve been researching open source and free. Jenkins and Fastlane? At this point I’m just parroting what I’m finding in my own research on the web.

Which subscription level of App Center do you use?

Completely free Plan