Ionic View IOS App do not load JSON?


Hi all,
I created an application that soon will be delivered to the apple store.

After some coding time I tested on simulator and, before to publish, I uploaded to my Ionic Account, to see the application up and running on ionic view.

Application starts up, but seams that is not loading json external resources. How can I test it? Everything looks good on simulator.

I updated to the latest ionic release and the Ionic View application is running on an iphone 4 with IOS 7 installed.

Thank’s a lot, Davide.


Hey @carme, so do you see this issue once you compile your app and run it on a device?
May just be a limitation of the view app.


I replaced the call to the standard alert(msg) js function to the $ionicPopup once and magically everything start to work, I don’t know what happened, but now it works well.

Really good! Now I can tell my customer to see an application preview :smile:

Great Job Ionic!