App blank in ionic view [SOLVED]

hi my app works perfectly in the browser but it is showing a blank screen in the ionic view on my iphone.

a previous version works but ive made some changes and its not working now.

everything seems to be fine with the files no spelling mistakes it did come up with an error 401 on the actual ionic view so will this be the problem?

can anyone help?


Hi @jesst446,

You put “SOLVED”, but what exactly did you do? I have a similar issue with an iPhone and no issue with Android phone. Don’t know why

If I remember rightly I deleted the ionic view app from my iPhone and reinstalled it through the App Store. Then it asks you to log back into your account, click on the app in question and it should open. If this doesn’t work re upload the app. What is the error your having?

I don’t have any error, just a white screen when executing the app with Ionic View. :frowning:

Did those steps I provided you with not work? Does it work in the browser

Had the same issue. Tried uninstalling and re-installing the Ionic View app. That worked for me.