Ionic view shows blank screen, but works in emulator


Hi All,

I’m building a an ionic app and currently having problems in testing with ionic view. Currently my application is pretty basic. It just reads the data from an external REST api and display them in the view.

But when I tried the app with ionic view, it gives a blank screen, When I tried by installing the .ipa file , its the same. Nothing is shown but just a blank screen.

However when I check the same code with ios emulator and browser, it works.

Is there any way that I could get a log / track trace on what is hapening when running with ionic view ?

thanks in advance




I’m getting blank app in the new Ionic Creator. Did you resolve this? If so, how?


Hi @ArborFive, Sorry for the late reply, Yes I did fix it, turns out to be one of my javascript was not loading. The thing with IonicView is there is an error, it just dies.

So have a look on your javascripts and I recommend using try to implement strict.