Ionic View not updating

I cannot get updates to my app to show in Ionic View. I’ve found threads from the past that describe similar problems but the workarounds mentioned there haven’t worked. I’ve cleared app data, deleted the app, deleted the ionic.project file and logged back in, closed out of the ionic view app, etc. to no avail.

I’ve made a simple change to the text in the landing page html so that I’ll know when it actually updates but it won’t budge. Any suggestions?

Cordova CLI: 6.0.0
Gulp version: CLI version 3.9.0
Gulp local: Local version 3.9.0
Ionic Version: 1.2.1-nightly-1867
Ionic CLI Version: 1.7.14
Ionic App Lib Version: 0.7.0
OS: Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 15.10
Node Version: v4.4.1

In my case, I finally found that I had somehow created a www/ directory within the {project}/www/ directory. The nested www ({project}/www/www/} contained the old code. Upon uploading, Ionic was using the nested www/ as the root dir. This should qualify as a bug but, for the moment, I’m happy enough to have moved beyond the issue.