Ionic view hasn't updated since 4/13 (now 4/16) [solved]

I’ve been pushing updates for this app since the 13th, but Ionic View has not changed the timestamp on my app.

Today, I performed an ionic upload before and after performing npm-install -g ionic to update to version 1.3.20. Command line returns no feedback other than “Uploading app…”

So it turns out that after I build the app for whatever device I want to view it on, the upload works.

My intuition tells me that now the ionic upload function works by uploading the XCode file to the Ionic server instead of uploading the Node.js project. That would explain why upload occurs much more quickly now.

So, for anyone else having the same problem, my advice to you is this! Run the ionic build <platform> command before performing ionic upload! It should be instantly updated in Ionic View.