Ionic v4 - ETA

I have been hearing a lot about ionic v4.
Does anyone have any info when the release should be expected?
As the ionic team stopped solving issues until then, it would be interesting to know the ETA of the release.

I don’t know of any public information about any ETA for the next major version of Ionic. Ionic is still working hard on Stencil, that will be used to build the components for v4, so I actually don’t expect it very soon.

But @mhartington mentioned somewhere that there will be additional releases for 3.x, and there were also several issues closed on Github with bugfixes. So I expect a 3.x release first.

We have not stooped solving issue for 3.x, we actually have been hiring and training new employees to help with framework development/issue management. In fact, we released 3.6.1 yesterday, which includes some nice new upgrades.

As for V4, a small portion of the team is working on V4 features and upgrades. So work is happening, but we’re moving carefully as to not break everything

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The 3.6.1 release Mike mentioned:

@Sujan12 @mhartington Thank you for the information.
I noticed that lot of issues / features / improvements I am interested in were planned for the V4 release.
That’s why I though issue resolving was put on hold, and interested as when to expect those improvements.
Anyway, I look forward for this release, sure it will be awesome!