What has the Ionic team been up to?

Hello everyone!

We realize that we’ve been pretty quiet lately and that has caused some of our community members to become concerned. We wrote a short update on the next version of Ionic, why we haven’t kept up with our GitHub issues, and what we’re doing about it in the future. Read the full blog post here: https://blog.ionicframework.com/whats-the-issue-with-issues/

The main points I want to emphasize are:

  • We’re not ignoring issues, even though we are not replying as much, we are still actively working to resolve them.
  • While the master branch has not had many updates, we’ve been actively working on the core branch to bring you Ionic 4.

If you have any comments or concerns please reach out to us by leaving a comment here, on the blog, or emailing us at help@ionic.io. :slight_smile:


@brandyshea Thanks for the update, I think you’re super busy like usual. Take care, your technology is super cool :slight_smile: François@Paris-France. Also, is it possible to make a Ionic LTS version like Ubuntu LTS?


Is it going to be possible to use Ionic 1 UI and AngularJS 1.x on Capacitor? I’m studying AngularJS 1.x and I figured it’s not that bad.

Hi Brandy, Ionic team,

I really appreciate and enjoy working with Ionic. And also think it is good you letting us know being quiet doesn’t mean not being busy. Which I pretty well understand as well.

I would like to see much more movement, communication and vision on Ionic Pro. While the framework and all the library goodies you provide for free (!!!) are great stuff, and I understand why you are working on Ionic 4/Capacitor in order to attrack a broader base of customers, I miss the simple things that make it easier for me to work with my own customers/users while rapidly deploying features. Simple things like release messages in deploy email etc are key to make my users happy, hence also me. And even those small issues are hanging around for quite a while. And since I have become a paying customer, these issues actually have become a bit more visible to me.




Regarding Ionic Pro, I hope Ionic provides a virtual Mac service like MacinCloud.com so users can publish their iOS app to apple app store.
MacinCloud offers Xcode installed cloud Mac OS for only $20 a month. I would like to see something similar on Ionic Pro. It should be an all-in-one solution… Ionic Pro can build an iOS file but you’ll still need an Xcode installed Mac to publish iOS app to app store.
Also, please implement PayPal subscription on Ionic Pro. I would like to pay with PayPal.

Hey @Tommertom ! Did you see my most recent video on Ionic Pro updates? We’re definitely trying to increase communication and show you guys what we’re working on :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cm5svoAGsp4 Release Notes is definitely something we’re aware of, not sure on an ETA though.

@jamesharvey Thanks for the feedback! “Submit to App Stores” is a feature we’ve talked about, but is a little more involved. We know people are interested though :slight_smile: As for PayPal, I don’t think that’s something we’re going to be adding at this time.

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Are there plans to release an upgrade guide on writing my existing components in Stencil style or some other web-component style that will help me upgrade to Ionic 4? Or do some of those resources already exist? I just want to be able to size the task of converting my small app to Ionic 4 since I want to do so as soon as possible.

As I understood it you won’t have to touch your components at all, just maybe change the usage of some ion tags that are updated a bit in Ionic 4 (Angular). You can of course rewrite your own stuff as web components, and maybe use Stencil for that, but it is 100% optional.

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I want to know how stencil will improve UI rendering speed of Ionic 4.
Hopefully this time we get something close to normal Java, Objective-C app.

Wow! That blog post is super exciting, sounds like great changes are on their way. The web components part is super exciting, and also making use of the Angular router and CLI!!!.

Not only should this automatically make lazy loading better and more modular, it should make entire apps more modular! Because, for instance Angular CLI’s webpack config allows for bundling images in with components. And, we’ll get much better web routing support than the old way!

This means it’s now very feasible for Ionic to be both a mobile app and a web app from the same code base. This is what I’ve been hoping for for years now! :smiley:


I thought Ionic 2 was going to be the last version and Ionic 3 was strictly Beta then after so much attention it became Ionic 3. There was even stuff all over Ionic (if I remember right but I’m like :100:% positive); they were saying Ionic 3 was the last release.

Now, there’s going to be an Ionic 4?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Ionic a lot but— seems like the fame is starting to make the company contradict itself.

I can see it now— Ionic 10 the last release. Year later: introducing Ionic 15.

Lol. :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m stoked!

The point was that they went to semantic versioning after 2. There were not many breaking changes from 2 to 3, and there won’t be many from 3 to 4. Under the hood, though, 4 is tremendously different from 3.


Main issues need to be addressed in v4:

  • UI rendering speed issues (especially when using complex CSS3 UI with box-shadow, text-shadow, gradient. Ionic takes 1+ second to respond.)
  • splash screen issues
  • latency issue when using plugins. (some plugins work fine on PhoneGap but they cause delay on Ionic)

Yeah I know, but thanks for making sure I was clear on that. :slight_smile:

Where did you see that Ionic 3 was going to be the last release?

The only thing I saw was that they’re unlikely to release an update to Ionic 3, but that’s not the same as saying there won’t be an Ionic 4.

Around when V2 was released and I had V3 on my CLI and it was “Beta”. I mentioned it here on the forums because my CLI was experiencing issues and no one knew of V3 or the Beta.

Basically I had it on my CLI before they told anyone. :joy: Got to give them credit for keeping the CLI up-to-date.

“Ionic 3” is shorthand for “Ionic Angular 3.” Ionic CLI 3 is something else.

Yep. But, that’s what happened.

I find it hard to understand you, because you type as though you don’t know things, but in replies claim you do know them. It would be easier for me if you started by demonstrating that you didn’t need clarifications.