Starting a new project with Ionic 2

Is it safe enough to start a new project with Ionic 2?
(this will be a production project)


Impossible to really answer for you as this needs to be an assessment made by you (and your team).

You will need to answer at least the following questions:

  • is my team able to fix bugs in the libraries themselves or circumvent them
  • do we have enough margin in our available resources to handle unforeseen obstacles
  • is our timeline and release schedule compatible with handling changes in api’s and functionality of the base platform
  • how forgiving is my customer or end user. (is this a project with many competitors and a high standard of expectations or a new territory that is on the move and constantly changing)

From experience I can tell that I have no regrets of having a major app project of ours debut on the market when Ionic had not reached 1.0 (it took more then a half year before it became 1.0). Given that the ionic team has much more experience now in handing a big endeavor as Ionic and has more resources I’d say Ionic 2 is less of a gamble then Ionic 1 back then was. We did however have to deal with changes to Ionic during our process and had to create or fix many items ourselves which means we needed hardcore developers with thorough understanding of javascript and not your average html person / web designer.

If you haven’t really looked into the state of Ionic 2 and even more importantly Angular 2 I think it is wise to stick with Ionic 1.2 and start the development using typescript. Look at the screencasts from Mike on the subject. This will give you the best upgrade path towards v2 when it becomes production ready.

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No team yet, just me for now, so I think I’ll stick with Ionic 1.

Can you please give me the links for the screencasts you’re talking about?

Thanks again. Much appreciated!

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