v1.0.0-beta.12 "krypton-koala" released!

Download Instructions: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic#quick-start

1.0.0-beta.12 “krypton-koala” (2014-09-10)

Bug Fixes

  • back button: do not animate back button transition if the title doesn’t change. (d3c8a1b2, closes #1858)
  • buttons: centering icons on tag buttons. (69442d5a, closes #2074)
  • classList: error on svg elements (98629d42, closes #1795)
  • collectionRepeat:
    • always render data correctly with before/after isblings (120f99ee, closes #2025)
    • simplify item reusing process to fix rare reuse error (8c6d5f2c, closes #1777)
    • with ngHref, make href attr erase if falsy (977f6818, closes #1674)
    • rerender when $ionicScrollDelegate resizes (5e025fbb, closes #1777)
    • ignore spacing of hidden elements (ion-refresher) (9bfa3bd1, closes #1970)
  • ionContent: fix rare positioning bug when overflow-scroll is enabled (84b5e919, closes #1281)
  • item: clicks climb 5 levels looking for an item to activate, but not 6. (840c014b, closes #1921)
  • keyboard: screen.height fallback for window.innerHeight (77847f49, closes #2168)
  • loading: potential race condition with showing and hiding loading in same watch cycle (65aece2a)
  • menuContent: gestures do not stop_browser_behavior (df578585, closes #421)
  • platform: fullscreen method will not offset footer by 20px (b1f94da2)
  • popup:
    • fix alignment, backdrop not fading out (6d859f48)
    • only override prompt input if template includes HTML (044fac4d)
  • refresher: finish animating before changing icon, hide when not in use (c336e8ed)
  • reorder:
    • reorder drag threshold are equal for going up and down. (6f5b6c24, closes #1394)
    • item click handlers dont fire when tapping on reorder icon (cc18a64b)
  • scroll:
  • scrollView: resolve memory leaks with holding element references (c5966bba)
  • sideMenu:


  • $ionicBody: service to simplify body ele interaction (2c3f1c9f)
  • $ionicConfigProvider: add $ionicConfigProvider (2643cffc)
  • $ionicScrollDelegate: expose zoomBy and zoomTo methods (029f8f33, closes #1977)
  • ionContent: add locking option (af229072, closes #2034)
  • ionScroll: add locking option (cc8f31d8, closes #2034)
  • popover: support popping from bottom or top of screen (5d06c4ae, closes #1986)
  • scroll-content: add 1px padding-top (e5b5906c)
  • splitView: expose side menu on large viewport (b69aa548)
  • templateCache: automatically cache template files to prevent flicker on page navigation and imp (944a92b0)